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Glastonbury 2015 artist line-up poster

This is just beautiful. I'm having trouble finding out who actually designed this year's Glastonbury festival poster (for all I know it could have been done in-house). It is yet another beautifully designed type poster in line with previous years' ar...

Evan Thompson’s photos of abandoned San Francisco tunnels

The Hundreds featured the photography of Evan Thompson who had ventured into the dark underground tunnels of San Francisco and shot some beautiful long-exposures. These tunnels look creepy, like they weren't finished completely or thought out whatsoe...

The Great Wide Open: Outdoor Adventure & Landscape Photography

Gestalten is no stranger to putting together great outdoor-inspired books. You couldn't step foot into a hip book or clothing store boutique and not find their book The Outsiders sitting comfortably on a shelf waiting for you to pick it up. So w...